Residential Remodeling

Featured Remodel: Tauber Home

Remodeled classic mid-century modern home by opening up the living area with the kitchen and modernizing all surfaces while keeping a classic look and feel.

Every remodeling project is personal, no matter the scope. It’s your home. We understand the process disrupts your life. But once completed, our clients always say the results add value and have been worth the challenges. For you, our organizational culture, refined remodeling process and our expert team are another leading indicator of project success. 

Our team is selected for their people skills and character as much as for their extensive building expertise. They know the importance of treating your home like theirs. That includes every project detail from thoughtfully interacting with your family, to exacting crown molding miter joints and long-lasting plumbing or electrical connections. Nothing is more important to us than the trust you’ve put in our hands in delivering the most comfortable and absolute best outcome for your home. We’re honored to support that expectation.

Your project and needs are specifically individual to you. If you’d like a personal consultation about how our approach to Remodeling can serve you, Contact us here >

“I had a wall with a large hole due to damage from a hot water pipe leak. EverLife was able to ensure the area was fully dried, and repaired the wall including new insulation, sheetrock, salvaged trim, and matched the existing texture. You’d never know the wall had been damaged. They always showed up on time and took many steps to make sure they didn’t damage the adjacent walls and flooring. The final price was the estimated price and it was all done in a timely manner.” —David Raffauf