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Lake Oswego, OR

Mid-Century Modern Remodel

Portland, OR
Remodeled classic mid-century modern home by opening up the living area with the kitchen and modernizing all surfaces while keeping a classic look and feel.

NW Modern Loft

NW Modern Loft
This tastefully updated loft features a moveable island for hosting guests, beautifully refinished wood, and signature undercabinet lighting to bring the space to life.

Farmhouse Whole Home Remodel

Newberg, Or
This Portland kitchen remodel introduced a completely new open floor plan that includes all of the modern lighting and features EverLife Home has become known for, including the downdraft hood fan that is hidden to maximize views throughout the space.
Every remodeling project is personal, no matter the scope. It’s your home. We understand the process disrupts your life. But once completed, our clients always say the results add value and have been worth the challenges. For you, our organizational culture and our crews are another leading indicator of project success.
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Our team is selected for their people skills and character as much as for their extensive building expertise. They know the importance of treating your home like theirs. That includes every project detail from thoughtfully interacting with your family, to exacting crown molding miter joints and long-lasting plumbing or electrical connections. Nothing is more important to us than the trust you’ve put in our hands in delivering the most comfortable and absolute best outcome for your home. We’re honored to support that expectation.

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How the Remodeling Process Works

At EverLife Home LLC we utilize a design-build methodology incorporating all your project elements within a single work team. The group handles everything from design to building through warranty, as well as helping assure your project vision equals the final product.
During this time we’ll get acquainted to see if we are a fit for each other. This is what we’ll cover:

  • A deep dive into your vision to make sure we “get it”
  • Budget in relation to your vision and how the two coexist
  • Discussion about project financing and processing payments to EverLife Home
  • Expectations from our team, scheduling, and your role in the overall process
We’ll be unfailingly honest. For example, we’ll explain what project parts will be more fun than others. Included is time to clarify how similar projects like yours usually work. Reaching an agreement to work together moves us to a Professional Services Agreement (PSA).
Prior to entering into a Construction Agreement (Step Four) there will be preconstruction fee-based activities covered in a separate PSA. The PSA usually includes design services, a detailed cost estimate, potential demolition and/or discovery work needed to create a guaranteed project price for you. Two important things: PSA results are yours to keep whether or not you move forward with us. Secondly, fulfilling the PSA doesn’t obligate you to sign a Construction Agreement with EverLife Home.
Once the PSA is completed, we’ll meet with you to talk through work scope, project plan, final cost, progress payments, timelines, logistics, and special requests. You’ll also meet your personal project manager and discuss how project communications will be handled.

You should be totally comfortable and confident signing off on PSA details. To that end, we’ll take time to answer all your questions and address concerns. At your direction we’ll move to Step Four, the Construction Agreement.
At this milestone everyone will have the project stipulated sum pricing. We’ll provide you a straightforward Construction Agreement and explain the details before we all add our signatures to it. We’ll use that list to address those items for you.
During the building phase EverLife Home handles all the operational details of home and worksite protection, conducting work, ordering materials, scheduling, management, and onsite coordination. Concurrently, we’ll diligently keep you up-to-date on progress and challenges.
Changes are a natural part of any remodeling experience. No matter how carefully and jointly planned your project, along the way you’ll seek adjustments. We’re prepared to gladly accommodate the variations you decide upon. The Construction Agreement explains how change costs are handled.
During this concluding phase we’ll meticulously inspect our work to ensure craftsmanship levels have been realized. Our wrap-up will also handle the following:

  • A meeting to answer operational questions about appliances, heating and cooling systems, or other newly installed items.
  • A thorough project area cleanup. We’ll also cleanse other property areas we may have touched.
  • Provide you a document for noting problematic issues that may surface. We’ll use that list to address those items through our industry-leading three-year warranty.
Enjoy your transformed home. We thank you for letting us be a part of your dreams!

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