COVID-19 Safety

COVID-19 Protocols

Right now you might feel a bit hesitant about moving ahead with a project. However, EverLife Home is determined not to let COVID-19 stop you from safely making progress. To keep things grounded and provide you comfort, we’ve instituted the strictest OHSA-recommended safety guidelines for our projects. These actions have been deployed on multiple recent projects with zero infection incidents.
Here’s an outline of more protective measures:


Social Distancing

Site protective measures:

Our work teams are being shielded at every job site and we hope you’ll join us with widened protective measures. To every extent, keep your living space clean and disinfected. Please follow the above prescribed practices, just as our crews will. Our top priority is your health, safety, and overall comfort.
Whether your project is large or small it’s still an active construction site. Do you have suggestions or requests that will help you feel safer with the environment? Please let us know and we’re happy to incorporate them. Our priority is making sure you’re comfortable at home. Together we can move forward!
If there are issues, questions, or illness suspicions, please don’t hesitate to call me at 503-317-6536.
Keith Knowles, President