Your Home Holds Years Of Memories, Independence And Hard-Won Financial Security.

We’ll Help You Stay Home.
Everlife Home’s CARE Program™ enables you to live the way you want
with full access, comfort, and safety at home.

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5.0 Star
Our CARE ProgramTM consultation works with you, the health care provider of your choice and your family to ensure a full solution. The initial consultation is $500, which is creditable toward the accessibility improvements you select to make.* We are focused on your needs and provide you detailed recommendations for home improvements, including:
Simple, affordable solutions that can be made immediately
Custom, in-depth remodeling that may be necessary to fully meet your needs.

Aging-In-Place Experts

Is Easy

The Process
Is Easy

Your aging in place and accessibility needs are specifically individual to you and your family. If you’d like a personal consultation about how our CARE Program can help you stay in your home, contact us here.
Step. 1
Contact us by filling out the online form or calling 503-317-6536. We’ll answer all of your questions before any commitment is necessary.
Step. 2
You sign the consultation agreement and permission form to talk with your chosen health care provider.
Step. 3
EverLife Home’s CAPS Certified aging-in-place specialist talks with your health care provider to gain their valuable insights and meets with you and your family to learn about your needs
Step. 4
We conduct an extensive multi-point inspection of your home and provide the results in a clear format.
Step. 5
We provide a list of recommendations in two forms: a. Cost-effective, quick, and easy to deploy solutions b. Custom, in-depth remodeling recommendations
Step. 6
You sign the contract for the chosen improvements and we’ll get you on the schedule to meet your needs. The $500 consultation fee is creditable to the improvements you choose.

Fit More Life Inside Your Home

Aging-In-Place + Custom Remodel: Beaverton Home
Whole home remodel to arrange a multi-generational family living situation. Created a private suite for grandma and grandpa, a private office space for working at home, enhanced the home’s living space to create a cabin-chic look and feel, remodeled the owner’s suite to improve the bathroom, and updated all interior surfaces.
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* Accessibility improvement project must be equal to or greater than $8,000 to qualify for $500 consultation credit. The “CARE Program” name is a trademark of EverLife Home LLC.